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Sebastian Ewringmann is a Cologne-based video editor and creative working for national and international clients. For more than a decade, his unique approach and dedicated mindset puts the vision of his clients into motion. Working for countless well-known brands such as BMW, Porsche, Schwarzkopf, Sparkasse, among many others, his continuous ambition and urge to push boundaries further through new projects, innovative techniques and this little, yet decisive twist in visual storytelling that keeps unfolding ever since his first cut.

His versatile portfolio reaches from high-end commercials, over intelligently branded content to aesthetic mood films while constantly having an eye on the audio-visual elements. Beside striving for high technical perfection he meticulously maintains the bigger picture in sight, where emotional storytelling and visual clarity form an impressive fusion.

Beyond implementing a common brief, Sebastian’s know-how forms an integral part of the whole creative process and shapes your vision in a way that has a lasting impression and impact.

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Shaping your visions with mood films

mood films

By using existing video and film material, mood films offer countless options for visualization and application. So it is not surprising that the importance of this format has increased continuously in recent years. Sebastians mood films have been at the vanguard of this trend, of which many of them enabled clients to win pitches and served as fundaments for successful campaigns.

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Networks are the new agencies

Being well connected to a wide network is giving you the possibility to perfectly assemble the exact amount of professional helping hands and brainpower your individual project needs. Based on his extensive work with commercial film productions, agencies and clients, Sebastian can draw on a large network of specialists from all departments at his disposal which facilitates him to cover all tasks a film or video production entails. This makes his approach to editing and creative processes holistic and offers you a one-stop service with attractive cost advantages. Get in touch!

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